SS11 Wallpaper

A little preview of the campaign launching this summer. This is a POP wallpaper I created that's going to plastered on shop walls all over the north east! 


I had the really great oppurtunity to work on parts of the set of an upcoming production at the school at which I teach design and photography. Here is the poster I created for it. More pictures of the set design / wall mural I worked on with the students. Should be an amazing experience!!! 
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Jetty Spring/Summer 2011 Added

SS11 is here! Shops around the east coast have ordered a record number of gear from Jetty's SS11 offering, making this Jetty's most successful pre-sale to date! Check out the gear I was given the chance to design and direct here! Super excited, and thanks to the great artists that were involved in the process this season!

ET Hiking

Recently took a hike in Ojai, and snapped this picture with my new Rokinon 80mm Fisheye Lens. I never really expected to use this lens for landscape shots, but it works! It somehow gives this other worldly, alien view to a seemingly normal mountain scape.

Topa Topa

The view from my backyard... These are the Topa Topas during the "Pink Moment" in Ojai, CA. This happens every night just as the sun goes down. Not too shabby. 

Jetty F/W 10 Lookbook

Special thanks to Cameron Zonfrilli at Parlay Studios for the unbelievable shots!!! They turned out incredible. Its so nice to be able to work with quality, custom, on point photography. Check out the Jetty FW10 Lookbook here: 

Clothing designed by Nick Zegel, Aja Gibson, and myself. Thanks again to Jetty for letting me do my thing. 

A Few Photographs.

These were all shot using my Pentax ME Super with 35mm film. Really loving the natural graininess, dust, scratches and imperfections that come with the old lens and camera. These are just a few of the shots I've taken over the past couple months while I'm getting back into using film. The imperfection and aging of the camera itself really adds to the concept of aging (I've been pursuing this for the past couple months. In both design and photography)

I've been searching the streets of Ojai for awesome old trucks, cars, vans, etc. Everyday I'm finding another old junker to shoot. They each have this distinct personality that dictates how it should be shot.  This first one reminds me of a Barney The Dinosaur figure, offering up a big dumb smile and a hug. I really hated this shot at first. I thought it was clunky. But its quickly become my favorite shot of the series. (more of that series to come!)










Pentax ME Super

....dusted off a recently acquired old Pentax ME Super... a fantastic old camera! Got some black and white film and built a darkroom in my garage... so far so good.. Its got this weird dusty texture in the lens, which just gives everything this insanely cool old vintage, horror movie feel.  Here's a favorite shot from my first black/white roll. 


Setting Sail

I've been going into old projects and checking out all the reject versions, and photos that didn't make the cut... This was taken during the LIFT photo shoot, and never got used. There's something about it I really dig.


Check out the LIFT at

Minty fresh webs.

Finally got around to updating my website! Using a new website management software called Squarespace, which allows for a lot of really cool, and way dynamic media, and interactive capabilities. Getting settled in!